The Meaning of Amatsu



In Japanese, Amatsu means “heavenly” or “sky”. Aptly, it would follow suit that the in-house spa of Main & SKY be titled Amatsu. Amatsu is also an ancient Japanese holistic therapy. It has evolved over centuries and has roots in the martial arts. Amatsu is a type of bodywork therapy that incorporates different unique pressures, limb movements and manipulation of the soft tissues (i.e. muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments, and organs). This style of treatment employs a wide range of techniques including structural adjustment, soft tissue manipulation, balancing the organ system, cranial-sacral techniques and energy assessments in order to liberate the inherent wellness that becomes subdued with disease. Amatsu aids the body’s innate and profound ability to maintain optimal health to restore and repair itself. We have embraced the name Amatsu to embody what health and well-being signify. Amatsu Spa offers a unique blending of Asian cultures, customs and techniques, combined with a luxury spa experience and offers a unique, tranquil sanctuary to help guests relax, rejuvenate and restore balance to Mind, Body and Spirit.